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CRISIS is the toxic waste cleanup advocacy group of Bridgewater Township, New Jersey. CRISIS has been providing critical and technical oversight on behalf of the public (regarding the American Cyanamid/Pfizer Superfund site) since 1992.


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Cyanamid Toxic Waste Site in Bridgewater, south of train station and west of 287. Raritan River lower right
CRISIS - An environmental action group:
  • Promoting remediation of Cyanamid Superfund Site (In Bridgewater + Bound Brook, NJ)
  • Original Cyanamid site now being tackled by Pfpfizer/WHC and US-EPA
  • Non-profit group working for Bridgewater and Somerset County, NJ for over 25 years
  • Community watchdog for this complex, highly contaminated (tars containing benzene + other VOC’s) site between East Main St. + Raritan River 
  • Provides on-going information on technical approaches, challenges + clean-up progress; plus independent analysis. 
  • Holder of US-EPA TAG Grant since 1993, which funds technical advisor and website

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Impoundments 1+2
January 2015 highlights - How to remediate impoundments 1+2?
  • Worst contaminated area (tars with 6% benzene)
  • Lab + pilot tests completed Q2/14
  • 80 degrees C heating drives off benzene/VOC's for capture
  • Solidification in a cement possible, but some leaching of VOC's will occur over time
  • How to scale up this treatment to 4-acres?
  • Study and approval can take 2 years or more
  • Where to remove treated materials to?
  • Refused by off-site landfills
  • Maybe to off-site incinerators?
  • Draft FFS study on OU8 - 2H/2015 possible 
Impoundments 1+2 south of Conrail and west of 287