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CRISIS is the toxic waste cleanup advocacy group of Bridgewater Township, New Jersey. CRISIS has been providing critical and technical oversight on behalf of the public (regarding the American Cyanamid/Pfizer Superfund site) since 1992.


Site History - Cleanup


EPA added the American Cyanamid site in Bridgewater Township, New Jersey to the Superfund National Priorities List on September 8, 1983 because hazardous chemicals were found in the soil and ground water.  The 575-acre superfund site has a history of industrial pollution dating back to 1915. For nearly 100 years, prior owners used the location for manufacturing chemicals and disposed of chemical sludge and other wastes on the property. The soil, ground water and waste disposal areas, called impoundments, are contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), semi-VOCs, metals, and other harmful chemicals. Some of these harmful chemicals are known to cause cancer in humans and animals or have other adverse effects on human health. The extent and nature of potential health effects depend on many factors, including the level and length of exposure.

The site is located adjacent to the Raritan River and lies above the Brunswick Aquifer, New Jersey’s second largest source for drinking water. Area residents are serviced by a public water supply that provides a safe source of drinking water. In 1998, EPA deleted 140 acres of the site from the Superfund list and the property was redeveloped for commercial use (retail stores, a professional baseball stadium, and a commuter/stadium parking lot). All manufacturing ceased on the site in 1999 and the majority of the buildings were demolished by 2000. In 2009, Pfizer Inc. assumed responsibility for the American Cyanamid site as part of its purchase of the Wyeth Holding Corporation, a prior owner.